Breaking: 7pipe takes on Online Retail Giant Amazon

by Jeffrey Han on Oct 22, 2018

By now I'm sure you have seen the dozens of listings of counterfeit products like the Twisty on Amazon and similar sites. Oddly enough, we have been banned from selling on retail sites like Amazon. Though this in itself is an issue, the bigger problem is the lack of regulation on counterfeit goods available through e-commerce retailers.

These unsafe and often untested products flood the market at extremely low prices, making it hard to pass up by unknowing consumers. We go above and beyond to use the safest materials and strictest procedures to make sure all our products are as safe as possible, even exceeding US and EU safety standards. Counterfeiters like Glunt, V12, and others could care less about the toxins you are inhaling. How do we know? Check out these shocking test reports we received from the US CPSC on lead content in our Twisty versus the counterfeits:

Amazon has been able to get away with selling counterfeit products on their platform for years. They have been protected from liability by the terms of their third-party seller agreements. A decade old ruling found eBay was not responsible for trademark-infringing products sold on its marketplace set legal precedent that has so far protected e-commerce sites in most intellectual property cases. Times have since changed. What happens if a trademark-infringing or patent-infringing product is sold as part of "Fulfillment by Amazon"? That now means Amazon sells, stores, and ships the counterfeited product, which they have been caught doing with counterfeit Twistys' as show below. Unfortunately we fall into this grey area and are taking legal action against Amazon to get this major issue resolved for the thousands of people in this grey area with us.

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