Company History

7pipe was founded in 2007 and its first product was a lighter pipe (a pipe and lighter combined into one). The first and only batch was sold to a distributor out of LA.   Our 2nd and 3rd products were the 7Pipe Classic and 7Pipe Pro, also a lighter pipe but now with a glass bowl, and this time distributed nationwide and to head shops everywhere.

Then we invented the Twisty Glass Blunt which went viral and brought the 7Pipe brand to countries far and wide.  Our product video went viral on Facebook for 37 million views. It is still our best seller to this day.

Our core competencies of design and manufacturing are supplemented by our expertise in logistics, patents, and marketing. Our core market is the USA and we also distribute to 23 other countries. 

Designed in-house
by our founder

  • Tested & Certified

    7Pipe uses accredited laboratories to test all our raw materials for safety using both US and EU standards. (US CPSC and ISO)

  • Patented Technology

    All of our designs are protected with design patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

  • Designed In-House

    We don’t outsource design. In fact, it’s our sole competitive advantage along with our manufacturing expertise.

Our Design Philosophy

Product safety is our #1 concern at 7Pipe. After all, pipes are an intimate item that you put to your lips and inhale from repeatedly. Why would you risk your health smoking a counterfeit pipe from some anonymous factory being pushed by a shady seller? On that foundation of safety, we strive to make long lasting products that can be enjoyed for years to come. Unseen factors like the thickness of our vacuum deposition plating means years of enjoyment for our customers. On top of our goal of durability, we design unique functionalities into each of our creations. The addition of an augur to a simple glass blunt made it a worldwide sensation. Our next concern is making a beautiful product. A beautiful pipe is a conversation starter and confers status on the user. Lastly, after all these principles are fulfilled, we may add a touch of playfulness to our designs, such as the toy aliens that come with our Suka pipe. The application and practice of our design philosophy has launched 7Pipe into the lead position in the world of pipe design.

How it all began

Our founder Jeffrey Han discovered a passion for design in 2007 despite no formal design training.  He was born in Taipei Taiwan and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he grew up and went to school.  Jeffrey now lives in Portola Valley with his wife Valentina, son Henry, two dogs Tiger and Paloma, one parrot Nina, cat Angel, and two goldfish.

 7Pipe has from the beginning focused on designing smoking pipes for the outdoor cannabis smoker. Obsessive focus on this micro niche has led 7Pipe to design the world famous Twisty and made 7Pipe a worldwide brand.


Jeffrey Han

A Sub-Specialty: Accessible Product Design

Our first three pipes were lighter pipes, which allows a person with the use of only one hand the ability to light and toke all at the same time. Ex-military personnel, amputees, or vehicle collision survivors who medicate to reduce pain can all benefit from accessible pipe design. Smoking involves a lot of hand and finger dexterity, and for someone with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, amyloidosis, or joint stiffness, medicating can be problematic. Our grinder design has spokes that allow someone with minimal hand functionality to still grind herb effectively. Elderly patients especially benefit from our accessible design. If you or a loved one have hardships concerning manual dexterity, please consider 7Pipe for your smoking needs.

The Video That Started It All

37 Million Views and Counting: The Facebook Sensation That Put Us on the Map




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