When 7pipe introduced the TwistyTM in 2016, the instant worldwide popularity of our pipe led to an explosion of counterfeit activity. Many businesses started selling cheap knockoffs. What these businesses didn't know was that these fake Twisty's were very high in lead content.  We have sent countless fakes to the lab, and 100% of them failed lead level testing by a huge margin.  Leaded brass is much softer and easier to machine, leading to a cheaper manufacturing cost.  

To this day, there are whole companies based on selling fake Twisty's.  Be careful of your health as a pipe is a very intimate product that you touch to your lips constantly, heat up with a flame, and inhale into your lungs. 

We used a US CPSC certified laboratory to test these fakes for lead, and in the chart below, you can see the results. If you or a friend know of someone smoking a fake Twisty, tell them to trash it immediately.

7pipe counterfeit - counterfeit 7pipe - fake twisty glass vlunt - fake 7pipe pipes


TwistyTM is a patented product and 7pipe is the only authorized manufacturer worldwide. Look for our mark as a guarantee of product safety and premium craftsmanship.

*Lab tests are conducted by Applied Technical Services, Inc. (USCPSC Authorized Lab).