Shipping FAQs:

Which carrier do you use to ship?

The shipping method we prefer is USPS. All orders are shipped via USPS.

Do I need to sign for the package?

No, a signature is not required upon delivery.

How do I know my package has shipped?

Once orders are processed, tracking numbers are automatically emailed in the shipment confirmation when labels are printed and will be associated with the package. When the tracking number is tracked online, you can see the current transit status for the package.

There are 3 main tracking statuses: Label created, In transit, Delivered.
If the status is “pre-shipment”, it means a label has been created for your order but it has not yet been picked up / shipped.

During special promotions and holidays, it can take an extra day or two until ready for pickup as our Order Fulfillment policy allows for one to two business days. Carriers pick up 1 time at the end of each business day around 4pm PST. The status will be updated to “In Transit” once the package has been scanned into the carrier's system after pick up.

It will continue to show “In Transit” throughout the entire journey to the final destination where the last scan updates the status to “Delivered”.

Please note that there is no visibility for first class USPS packages that are under 1lb until it reaches the second sorting facility closest to you which may take up to 5 business days. Tracking for these packages may show "pre-shipment" until the tracking is updated.

What does this delivery notification mean?

Incorrect Address: There may be a misspelling, missing information, or the apartment/ suite number is incorrect. Once the address has been corrected, the carrier will re-attempt delivery the next business day. When there is an exception for “unable to deliver, returned to shipper”, this signifies that the carrier was unable to correct the address, and that the package will come back to us. Once we receive the package back, we will contact you to confirm the correct address

Customer not available or business closed: Delivery was attempted but the final destination was closed or the recipient was unavailable. The carrier will attempt delivery the next business day.

Why does my USPS tracking number state 1-Day, 2-Day 3-Day Delivery? Is it expedited?

If your package is shipped via USPS priority mail, please note that USPS recently updated their shipping policy to reflect their new estimated transit times to deliver a package across the nation. This is not the same as expediting. This shows the amount of days USPS estimates for packages to be delivered via standard shipping.

What do I do if my package does not get to me by the estimated delivery date?

Carriers often provide an estimated delivery date to show when a package is projected for delivery.These estimates often change depending on current weather or road conditions, need to correct address, or high volume during holidays. At this point, it is the responsibility of the carrier to uphold their transit times. Please make sure to check the tracking number often to ensure that it is making progress.

Tracking shows that my package has been delivered, but I did not receive it.

If your tracking number shows that the package has been delivered but you have not received it, please try the following:

  • Check around the yard/house.
  • Check with your neighbors.
  • Check with the carrier.

Sometimes carriers will leave packages in places where they think they will be safest (behind a side gate, under a bush, etc.).

Inclement Weather Conditions

If your area is experiencing any harsh storms or severe temperatures please be aware of possible occurrences you may experience. Our shipping carriers can have delays in those immediate areas due to flight delays and/or truck breakdowns or stalls. This can happen to both ground shipping and expedited shipping. You may see your tracking information reflect these delays. In these cases, we must ask that you remain patient while the local teams work to get your package to you. If it has been over 2 weeks past the ship date, please inquire with us for further information.

Occasionally carriers make mistakes, and may deliver to the wrong location (ie. down the street, next door, etc.). If this happens, or you're still not able to locate your package, please contact us at