How to load your Twisty Glass Blunt

Written by Jeffrey Han - May 16 2017


April 01 2019

I just got mine and followed the instructions to the letter. 1/2 full and worked fantastic, my new favorite toy!

Angela Knapchuck
February 21 2019

It’s LEGAL here in Michigan for “recreational” use so I can use my real name ❤ I LOVE THIS PIPE! ! I’m going through a lot more but I’d recommend it to anyone!! Saves time, no waste… Me a happy customer!!

December 25 2018

It wont keep rolling unless you completely pack it in. I’m using it right now and I have to light it with every hit and I filled it up about 80% full.

December 23 2018

If it seems like it’s compressing try turning the other way I did the same thing lol

December 03 2018

Whenever I fill mine and try to put the screw part back in, it always gets super compressed…. any suggestions?

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