How to load your Twisty Glass Blunt

Written by Jeffrey Han - May 16 2017


December 25 2018

It wont keep rolling unless you completely pack it in. I’m using it right now and I have to light it with every hit and I filled it up about 80% full.

December 23 2018

If it seems like it’s compressing try turning the other way I did the same thing lol

December 03 2018

Whenever I fill mine and try to put the screw part back in, it always gets super compressed…. any suggestions?

December 02 2018

I just got one today. Yes you can still use it. I filled mine only 1/4 full and it work perfectly. Couldn’t recommend more!!! It worked soooooo well

November 24 2018

So you have to fill it up or if you have a enough for half. Can you still use it?

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