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With the Suka Pipe, 7Pipe Invents Yet Another Way to Load a Smoking Pipe

Since 7Pipe specializes in pocket smoking pipes, our customers buy our products for use while out and about.  And the last thing you want to do while out and about is to fiddle with loading and reloading your pipe constantly.   For this reason, a lot of the innovation behind 7Pipe's creations is involved with how to load and reload your pipe in a quick, efficient, and convenient way.  With our world-beater innovation the Twisty, you see again how loading and unloading took center stage.  In the Twisty pipe's case, and the reason why I believe the Twisty pipe took over the world so completely, is that loading and unloading took place simultaneously with a simple twist of your wrist.  Even...

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7Pipe Design Talk: The Suka Pipe

     Every creation has a different starting point.   With the 7Pipe Twisty, my beginning concept was the functionality of a chapstick, or the ability to reload bowls with the simplicity of a twist.  With the Suka Pipe however, I started with a discus or UFO shape, and went from there.  I love the shape and wanted to create a pipe with the smooth contours of a UFO spaceship.  I had no idea what functionality it would have or how it would work.        Eventually, I added the crucial new functionality to the Süka pipe, the trackball.  The trackball can be seen on computer mice, and I borrowed this concept for a pipe.  Initially, I had designed a grinder...

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