With the Suka Pipe, 7Pipe Invents Yet Another Way to Load a Smoking Pipe

Since 7Pipe specializes in pocket smoking pipes, our customers buy our products for use while out and about.  And the last thing you want to do while out and about is to fiddle with loading and reloading your pipe constantly.  

For this reason, a lot of the innovation behind 7Pipe's creations is involved with how to load and reload your pipe in a quick, efficient, and convenient way.  With our world-beater innovation the Twisty, you see again how loading and unloading took center stage.  In the Twisty pipe's case, and the reason why I believe the Twisty pipe took over the world so completely, is that loading and unloading took place simultaneously with a simple twist of your wrist.  Even I believe, as 7Pipe's chief designer, that we will not achieve that level of pure perfectness again.  And to think that the key ingredient was just an invention (the augur) brought into the world ages ago.

Our newest pipe, Suka pipe, without exception it seems, has a completely new way to load your smoking pipe.  I am super excited about this new method, because, again, it's completely new to the smoking world, but not necessarily to the general public.  I guess you can say it's a kind of design borrowing.  Have you ever owned a mouse for your computer?  Did it have a trackball?  I borrowed the trackball for use in the Süka pipe, and it works like a charm!

The trackball came a little later in the Suka pipe development.  I started out with a flying saucer shape, and it just so turned out that a trackball smack dab in the middle would fit perfectly.  Add a quartz bowl, and a storage inside, and you have the workings of a new loading functionality that literally takes seconds to complete.  

So now, all you need to bring is a filled Süka pipe, and your lighter with attached poker, and you're set for the day.  The trackball turned out to be super difficult to manufacture, but we got it down finally, and were able to use 85% of trackball factory output in final products.  

With the Twisty, a turn of the wrist.  With the Suka, a flip of the wrist.  It's all in the wrist!!