What's in a name? Suka Pipe by 7Pipe

by jeffrey han on Jan 04, 2021

What does Süka pipe mean?  Nothing to North Americans, but many things to people who speak languages other than English.  In Russian, suka means 'bitch'  and it's definitely a pejorative term.  In Japanese, "suka" means a feeling of refreshment.  Not a bad meaning.  

At 7Pipe, each product, when still in stealth mode, goes by a project name.  Rarely does the project name also become the product name.  It happened with the "Twisty".  But not with our UFO project.  The UFO needed a product name because "UFO" is too widely used and it would be difficult to get high in the Google rankings.  

It was a long process to brainstorm possible names, and at the same time be able to have a strong trademark that is not, for example, 'descriptive'.  We also wanted a name that had very little usage in English search results on Google.  We finally settled on Süka Pipe because it satisfied all three of our requirements.  There are a couple other meanings for "suka".  Tell us what they are in the comments!