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7PIPE Ad Gallery | Twisty Glass Blunt | Thank you Stoner Nation

This ad was run in HeadQuest magazine (HQ) March 2017, a trade magazine, and it was our coming out party. We give credit to the platforms that allowed our Twisty Glass Blunt to go viral, Facebook and Daily Dot, but more importantly, we thanked all the stoners out there who saw something innovative and told their fellow stoner to check it out. Word of mouth, baby. 36 million views is not something that comes around everyday for a product company, and we think the Twisty will become a classic pipe for it’s simplicity and ability to make people say to themselves, “I need to try that.”

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7PIPE Ad Gallery | Twisty Glass Mini | Our Smallest Launch Ever

This ad was placed in ERB Magazine, an industry magazine, May 2017 issue. This ad is for our Twisty Glass Mini launch. In a twist, the red cloth both covers and exposes what lies beneath. The sly humor of our tagline takes a jab at the ever-inflated product launches of companies nowadays.

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