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7PIPE Design | Sticker

The only way you have seen this graphic is if you are a 7pipe online retail customer. This is a sticker that comes with every order from our official online store. The graphic can be interpreted as a galaxy, but I see many other things as well. I see Technicolor smoke, radiospectrometry diagrams, infrared heat outlines, and many more if you happen to be smoking on the Twisty Glass Blunt.    

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7PIPE Ad Gallery | Twisty Glass Mini | Our Smallest Launch Ever

This ad was placed in ERB Magazine, an industry magazine, May 2017 issue. This ad is for our Twisty Glass Mini launch. In a twist, the red cloth both covers and exposes what lies beneath. The sly humor of our tagline takes a jab at the ever-inflated product launches of companies nowadays.

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