7pipe Design Principles: SAFETY, DURABILITY, FUNCTION and BEAUTY

by Jeffrey Han on Oct 02, 2018

7pipe Design Principles:
These are the principles that the designers at 7pipe live by.  They are simple concepts that everyone can understand, and are a great fit for a company that sells premium product.  Let’s go over each principle in detail and dig a little deeper.


As product designers, we are always searching out the newest and coolest function in a pipe.   If it works well AND it’s novel, you’re on your way to success.  Our invention the Twisty glass blunt is the perfect example of how a novel ‘function’ can create immense customer excitement, as seen as by the worldwide spread of the Twisty pipe, (both real and fake).  The challenge was this: how to create a pipe that doesn’t need to be reloaded constantly throughout the day.  What ‘function’ could we invent that would give you ten bowls of herb, ready at your fingertips, with minimal fuss?  It had never been done before, and that was the reason for the viral quality of its release.  The solution, of course, turned out to be an augur, which itself is a very old invention indeed.  The application of an augur to a weed pipe was the innovation.  I think people appreciated how simple the product was: a glass tube and an augur.  And when people understood how it worked, millions of minds blown. 
It’s obvious to say that products should be beautiful.  It’s a no-brainer.  But beauty without functionality is hollow.  The pure juxtaposition of the two however, can create magic.  Again, the Twisty is the perfect example.  A smooth shiny augur encased inside a scintillating glass enclosure.  Truly exceptional.  It’s beauty allows a simple weed pipe to be appreciated by even non-smokers. 
There is also beauty in simplicity.  Simplicity makes everything more possible; things like durability, functionality, and safety, to be exact. 
Durability is the most common place where companies cut corners.  It’s done because they can do so often while looking exactly the same as a premium product.  Again, the most recent example is the Twisty.  Fakes often look exactly the same as a 7pipe Twisty.  Where are the differences you say? Why is a 7pipe Twisty more durable?
Let’s talk about the coating.  Our Ti coating is a full micron in thickness.  This leads to a durable coating.  The average counterfeit might be .1 or .2 microns in thickness.  The whole point of fakes is the low price, so making a really thin coating saves them a lot of money, but they produce a product that will wear out a lot sooner than a 7pipe Twisty.
The bedrock of all product design principles is safety.  If your products are not safe, you shouldn’t be in the product business.  Safety is often a question of materials.  Choosing inferior materials often means using unsafe materials.  The most obvious example is the high lead content in Twisty Pipes.  (LINK)  Regular lab testing by a reputable and licensed laboratory will ensure that each batch of pipes is fit for the 7pipe customer, and will uphold the reputation of the company. 
In conclusion, we at 7pipe live by very classical, simple, and enduring principles of product design.  You will notice that ‘innovation’ is not one of our principles.  In our view, it is mostly a byproduct of our main values.  In the Twisty for example, the innovation of the augur was in service to functionality, not the other way around.  If you, as the consumer, like the principles that we live by, please keep us in mind the next time you need a safe, durable, and beautiful smoking pipe.


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