by Jeffrey Han on Nov 10, 2017


This year for Veterans day, we wanted to highlight the issues surrounding our veterans, and how cannabis has been a go-to treatment for typical Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms such as nightmares and insomnia.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs reports that every day, 20 veterans commit suicide; the astounding number has remained a constant since 2001-- without a doubt, many veterans are still looking for better ways to adjust back to normal life.

Usually veterans with PTSD are given pills by the VA to cope with their symptoms, but experience lots of negative side effects such as uncontrollable shaking and muscle spasms, and continued depressive thoughts. Therefore marijuana has been a popular alternative to soothe the nerves and wean off of addictive pills; after all many veterans live every day life as if they are still on the battlefield.

Veterans are not given access to marijuana through the VA, and their website makes clear their skepticism of marijuana usage for the treatment of PSTD. However, as states have started to open their doors to medical usage, some veterans have been able to try their hand at relieving their PSTD symptoms with the use of cannabis.
We decided to interview one of our customers, who is a veteran and has experience with PTSD. (The following text has been edited lightly for clarity).


Name: Anthony

Age: 35

Experience with PTSD:

I suffered from a traumatic brain injury in 2005 then PTSD for 11 years following. These symptoms include anxiety, depression, nightmares. I don't like loud noises or crowds and especially being in new locations, I have to have my back to the wall while scanning for threats and exits.

The animal part of our brain knows two survival functions: fight or flight. We were trained to teach our human brain that we need to stay and fight, and that is happening 24/7×365 rather than once or twice a week...maybe to the average person not putting themselves into harms way. Adjusting to home is tough. Jobs are touch and go's to keep.

It must to be said that PTSD is not just a stigma for ONLY military personelle returning from combat, but also fire, police, and 1st responders. Anyone witnessing or personally a part of any tragic incident will suffer with the many effects of PTSD. Every person is unique.. therefore, every person will have their unique code/symptoms from what happened and every person will have their unique coping mechanism and treatment.

About Medication:

Medication in pill form has been a hit or miss for me. It helps to an extent. But [medicating herbally] helped me almost immediately. My anxiety is calmer, my mood is clearer, and my motivation had jumpstarted.

On using the Twisty Glass Blunt:

I like the functionality of the intake and the ease of use. I also like the Twisty for the ability to load what I might need for the day. The 7pipe employees are extremely friendly as well.


All this week until 11/17/2017, we will be giving away a Twisty Glass Blunt to a veteran for every purchase that is made with code VETERANRELIEF. Go to, and make sure to share widely with friends!

Thanks Anthony for your interview!

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