Collaborations with 7pipe

by Jeffrey Han on Oct 17, 2017

Collaborations with 7pipe


Creativity is our engine at 7pipe, so we love to collaborate with other creative people.  Collaborations can take many forms and we’re open to any ideas that make sense.  I’ll talk about some possibilities below, but remember that this program is only open to our valued 7pipe customers who already own their own 7pipe Twisty. 

The Athlete: The athlete who competes regularly in his or her chosen activity, has had success at the amateur or professional level, and wants to show others how they use cannabis while pursuing athletic challenges.

The Illustrator: Love to have a pen in your hand?  Show us your best work, and maybe we can collaborate on a graphic glass tube.  Get national exposure with 7Pipe.

The Scientist: Raw computing power balanced by the creative energy of cannabis.  If you do experiments in the lab or out in the field, and use the Twisty to relax and process the days’ data, then please contact us. 

The Musician: Probably the most natural match of all.  Musicians have used cannabis throughout time to stoke  creative fires.  Let us document your talent on one of our videos and tell the masses of 7Pipe fans about you.

The Actor: Calling all thespians! Does smoking your Twisty allow you to enter character more smoothly?  Does it help soothe pre-performance jitters?  Let us know!

The Product Designer: Want to apply your product specialty to the 7pipe universe? Let’s collaborate on a limited edition product. 

The Chef: Another perfect pairing, cannabis and cooking go together like steak and fries.  Its renowned to make things extra tasty, it opens up the appetite, and it stokes conversation at the dinner table. The perfect triple threat.

If 7pipe is looking for you but we just don’t know it yet, please contact us and tell us about you.  Let’s meet and smoke some good sativa and talk about ideas.