Suka Pipe UFO vs. Twisty Glass Blunt

by Jeffrey Han on Mar 19, 2024

An influencer that 7Pipe works with asked us: Why would someone buy the Suka pipe over the Twisty?
I thought about it and here is my answer. 
-both pipes store and dispense herb easily but the Suka does it without resinating the stored herb, where the Twisty resinates the herb behind it. But that’s also why the Twisty is so smooth.
-If you need a pipe that will not break if you drop it, like at a music festival or during hiking or camping, then you will want the Suka pipe.  Glass encased in silicone. If you drop Twisty, there’s a chance it will break.
-If your friend wants to add herb to the pile you have inside your Suka, it's easy.  With Twisty, you’re stuck with what you put in until you’re done smoking it.
-You can also easily create your own unique mix by shaking up two different strains together inside the Suka.
-If you’re a fan of UFO mythology like we are, then you might appreciate how the Suka pipe simply recycles that classic form factor.
As far as I know, no other flower pipe past present or possibly future can actually do what the Suka Pipe does so efficiently.
This is not my definitive or exhaustive list, but these are some ideas that popped into my mind.
PS. The Suka Pipe is a little more expensive because it takes a lot of time to carve the Suka from a solid cylinder of aluminum. 
PSS. It's also kinda cute that an alien is included with the purchase of a Suka Pipe.

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