Is too much of your life concentrated in one device?

by Jeffrey Han on Jun 25, 2024

There is too much of my life concentrated in one pocket, which holds the iPhone. I almost lost it at airport security and my life flashed before my eyes.

I realized these days there's too much stuff in my pocket, in my phone, in my attached magnetic Apple wallet. There's too much of my life all bundled up into one thing. If I had lost my wallet and phone at airport security, I would have had to cancel my trip. The guy patted me down and said, Well, you know, your phone hasn't gone through the X ray machine. So he took my phone. And, mind you, I'm in a wheelchair, so I can't see behind me, I can't move easily. He took my phone. Five minutes later, I'm like, Hello, sir. Where is my phone?  He couldn't find it. He was busy patting down other people. I started going crazy, yelling find my phone, where’s my phone? at the other TSA people. They all started looking on the ground, on the conveyor, in the machine, everywhere.

And I told my brother, who was with me. I told him, call my wife right now and have her turn on the apple. Find My Phone Ring. So he calls Valentina. Valentina, thank God, she picked up the phone and she turns on the Find my phone. Ring, dial tone, and it starts going. Turns out some guy picked up my phone because he thought it was his son's phone of the same color, also by Apple, who had the same magnetic wallet, maybe same color, I don't know, but thank God he was just standing there and not walking away. If he had walked away it was over, it would have been done, but he was standing there waiting for his son to go through security, and suddenly in his hand, it goes, ding, ding, ding. He's like, What is this? And my brother hears the ring, and, you know, approaches him, and, you know, long story short, I get my phone back.

But that few minutes before I found my phone, I was thinking things myself. It's over. I have to cancel my ticket. I'm not flying. The reason why? Think about it, my phone. I'm in manufacturing. I'm in design. I use factories in China. My phone has my physical sim card for my China phone. I need my China phone to do everything in China. It also has my esim, my US, Verizon SIM card. It's my US line, it's got all my stuff, which is all backed up by iCloud, but, and then, you know, I would have lost the phone itself. I would have to bought a new phone, and then my magnetic wallet had my California driver's license that would have been gone, my corporate credit card, Amex card that would have been gone, my personal credit card gone is just my life pretty much passed before my eyes, and thank God I got the phone back.

But on the plane, I was thinking to myself, you know, there's too much concentrated into one thing in my wallet. It could fall out anytime. It could be taken. It could be, you know, lost. It's too much, and it's a risk. The risk has gotten too high, you know, especially with multiple SIM cards in the same phone and the attached magnetic wallet. It's just too much. Next time I'm bringing a Ziploc bag, I'm going to write in Sharpie permanent marker THIS IS NOT YOUR PHONE, and put my phone in it to give to the security guy to run through the X ray machine, and I'm going to stand at the exit of the X ray machine waiting for my phone to come out and I'm going to snatch it, otherwise it's too much, too much concentrated into one bundle.  You know, it's too much. And I'm like, Just thank my lucky stars that I got the phone back, but this steady concentration of your life into this Apple device has reached the tipping point. And I realized that it had reached this tipping point at the airport on my trip to 🇹🇼 Taiwan. Countermeasures must be taken. They must be taken. End of blog.

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