The Unseen and Dangerous Differences between Fake and Real Twisty Glass Blunts

If you're one of the few stoners left who hasn't tried the now world famous Twisty Glass Blunt, you may be wondering what is the difference between an authentic $50 Twisty from 7Pipe (the inventors) and a $10 knockoff?  

     The keywords you want to think about are safety and durability.  Safety because most if not all fake Twisty pipes use leaded brass.  As most people know, lead in excessive levels is harmful to the human body.  Lead paint anyone?  Why would the factories making the fakes use brass with lead in it?  The answer goes back to machine time.  Leaded brass is a softer metal, so it takes a lot less machine time to carve out the screw.  Less machine time means cheaper pipe.  

     The fact that the product is a smoking pipe, an item that you put to your lips countless times and heat up, makes it even worse.  

     The second word is durability.  Durability is the most common place where low quality products cut corners, because the fact is that to the consumer's eye, you can't really see durability.  To the naked eye, a one micron thick titanium coating looks the same as a 0.1 micron thickness coating.  The problem comes over time and repeated use, when that paper thin 0.1 micron thick coating is scratched off to reveal the lead-laden brass.  Talk about a ticking time bomb.  

     The maxim, "You get what you pay for." couldn't be truer here.  Fake twisty's often look exactly like an authentic 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt, but what you're actually getting is a potential health hazard from repeated lead inhalation.

     We at 7Pipe implore all cannabis smokers to be very diligent when buying pipes.  These are very intimate objects that should be built to last years, and materials need to be top-notch and pure.  Your health depends on it.