7Pipe glass blunt vs glass pipes, bongs vs dry herb vapes

by Jeffrey Han on Feb 22, 2024


When it comes to smoking, there are choices galore,

From glass blunts to dry herb vapes, there's so much more.

7Pipe Glass Blunt: A Twist on Tradition

The 7Pipe glass blunt, a modern marvel indeed,

A twist on tradition, it's simplicity we need.

Glass Pipes: Classic and Reliable

Glass pipes, a classic choice for many smokers,

Reliable and sturdy, they're always great jokers.

Bongs: Smooth Hits and Cool Designs

Bongs, the kings of smooth hits and cool designs,

They make smoking a pleasure, with no confines.

Dry Herb Vapes: Discreet and Efficient

Dry herb vapes, discreet and efficient they are,

No smoke, just vapor, taking you far.

So whether you prefer a glass blunt or a dry herb vape,

Or maybe a bong or a classic glass pipe, don't escape.

Each has its own charm, its own unique flair,

Choose the one that speaks to you, without a care.


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