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7Pipe Young Musician Program welcomes Joshua Lee Turner

Check out Josh Lee Turner on Youtube, where he performs both covers and originals.  You will enjoy his covers of Simon and Garfunkel and Beatles.  All 7Pipe Young Musicians get a monthly stipend and 7Pipe pipes and kit.   Joshua is a multi-instrumentalist, mixer, singer, and all around musician.  He and his musical friends strum their hearts out regularly on Youtube, so check them out! Talented young musicians need to be encouraged to hone their craft during these turbulent times.  Throughout the Covid pandemic, concerts, festivals, and other gatherings have become difficult to put on, so Youtube and IG concerts have now become popular.  

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7Pipe Releases Grinder for the Physically Disabled

7Pipe has a long history of designing products for the disabled.  Beginning with our one-handed lighter pipes that can be operated using only one hand, we continue with our newest creation, an herb grinder.  This grinder has traction bars that assist people with issues such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and weakened grip.   Especially with the sticky icky bud being grown out there, grinders really need a lot of force to turn and sometimes get stuck entirely.  The resin gums up the edging and soon enough your hand aches or slips while grinding.   7Pipe's four piece grinder has a kief collector, screen, and premium grinding teeth as our standard features, and our unique traction bars make adaptive grinding a pleasure.  ...

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7Pipe and CVault Collaborate on an IG Giveaway

We met Cvault at an industry trade show in Vegas and we both liked how the two brands complement each other and have a focus on premium quality.  We exchanged some product and decided to do an Instagram giveaway.  Four happy winners from each company's IG took home a Twisty blunt and a Cvault.  No better way to celebrate 4/20 in the year of Quarantine!!  

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