Glass Blunt

by Jeffrey Han on Sep 20, 2023

Glass Blunt

What is a glass blunt and how did 7Pipe improve on it? A glass blunt has been around for a long time and consists of a glass tube and a glass plunger.  See the photo of one made by Grav, a reputable seller.  The disadvantages of this style of glass blunt is that when you fill it up with herb, the glass blunt becomes twice as long and is in an unstable state.  If you tried putting it in your pocket, you’re liable to jack knife the thing or inadvertently get herb all over your pocket. 
Another problem with this old design is that to ash it, you push the plunger in and what ends up happening is that the herb is compressed.  That affects the draw and also the cherry can pop out along with all your green stuff.  Fail.

Then 7Pipe comes along and does some deep thinking on how to improve the glass blunt. The augur serves triple function. First, it supports the herb as you eject it with a twisting motion. Stable, steady, and effective. Second, it elongates the smoke path while acting as a heat sink.  The result is a smoother hit.  Third, the augur eliminates the plunger which means the pipe remains the same length whether filled or empty, making the glass blunt that much more portable.  Talk about a 3 for 1!

7pipe never claims that our clever contraptions makes others redundant. However, we do claim that our pipes allow for a great on-the-go smoking experience. Perhaps that is why the 7Pipe glass blunt is loved the world over and is probably the most widely counterfeited pipe in history. 

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