Fake Twistys removed from Platforms

by Jeffrey Han on Nov 21, 2023

Through hard work and dedication, 7Pipe has been able to clear most major selling platforms of counterfeit cheap Twistys. Platforms such as EBay, Amazon, Wish, Alibaba, Shein, and Groupon have historically done a poor job of protecting the IP rights of creators. Through copyright enforcement, DMCA notices, and communication with the IP departments of these companies, 7Pipe has been able to clear a majority of cheap and often high lead content fakes from these platforms. Aside from any commercial benefit 7Pipe may reap, we view these actions as a public service to reduce the amount of people smoking from lead laden pipes. Rogue factories use high lead content brass because it is easier to machine, meaning a cheaper end product. Please send a link to this public notice to anyone considering buying an off brand Twisty.

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