7Pipe Pro Undergoing Redesign

Our stalwart product for years before the Twisty took us global, the 7Pipe Pro is a lighter pipe with a glass bowl. A first for the industry, many loyal customers are still using theirs. Although it is now discontinued, the 7Pipe Pro is currently undergoing a redesign. We are still supporting the 7Pipe Pro with accessories and parts.


  • Gail Wood

    My boyfriend has has the 7pipe pro since 2015, and he has been trying to get a glass bowl and stem actually 2 of each if possible. Please email back

  • Trevor Roberts

    I have wanted one of these since I saw one as a teenager in the late 2000s. Living in Alabama and being under age I couldn’t order or purchase one. I remember about a month after I turned 18 I looked and looked and looked before I realized that I couldn’t purchase this and it had been discontinued.

    Almost a decade later and I still want the 7pipe pro rediculously bad. The coolest pipe ever made, the only pipe with everything I’m looking for on the market. I can’t wait for them to become available again so finally, after so many years I can get my hands on one❤️ Your company is my favorite, I love your products and hope to be able to use one of these for the first time soon.

    If anyone feels like sending me an email back it would be pretty bad ass😁

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