How to clean a Twisty Glass Blunt

by Jeffrey Han on May 22, 2023

How to clean a Twisty Glass Blunt

When 7Pipe invented the Twisty Glass Blunt, we created one of the smoothest hits available to pipe smokers. But every pipe needs maintenance. Cleaning your Twisty is easy if you use our maintenance kit, which includes brushes and resin pokers. You’ll also need some isopropyl alcohol and something to wipe clean the augur such as paper towels.

You can soak your Twisty Glass Blunt in alcohol for some time to loosen up the resin.  Then, wipe the augur clean now that the resin is soft and loose.  
Now, use the resin poker to clear out the mouthpiece airholes of resin clog. Once the holes are mostly clear, dip your brush in alcohol and push/pull into the airholes to get them sparkly clean.

Your Twisty is now like new and will hit as smooth as the day you brought it home.  The frequency of cleaning depends on how often you smoke your Twisty. Also, super resiny flower will also clog your Twisty sooner. Now, enjoy your smoke!

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