Twisty Glass Mini or Twisty Glass Blunt: Ultimate Buyer's Guide


Should I buy Twisty Glass Mini or Twisty Glass Blunt?
If you want to join the world of 7pipe Twisty, you have two options, the Twisty Glass Mini or the original Twisty Glass Blunt. There are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

Here's the deal:

Do you buy grams or eighths?
The amount of green you buy may give you an indication of your consumption/sharing level. If you buy eighths and share with buddies on a regular basis, you may want to buy the Twisty Glass Blunt. If, however, you buy by the gram to savor over the week, then the Twisty Glass Mini may be your gig.

Social or personal smoker?
Do you usually smoke alone or with friends? Maybe you love going to nature parks and sharing herb with friends. Or you may love to toke alone while painting a composition. Different smoking habits and tendencies will also inform your decision to buy either the Twisty Glass Mini or Twisty Glass Blunt.

Joints or Blunts?
This may seem obvious, but think about your preference for the classic joint or the blunt, and what experiences they offer. Everyone’s lungs are accustomed to differing levels of smoke, so let your preference in the classics inform your choice of the newest classics, the Twisty Glass Blunt, or Twisty Glass Mini.

Weekend or Everyday Smoker?
Do you only smoke on the links during weekends, or do you need to smoke every night to fall asleep? If you answered the latter, you may need more capacity than the Twisty Glass Mini offers. But if you only toke up on the weekends, you probably won’t be consuming large amounts of weed, so the Twisty Glass Mini may be just the ticket.

Considering the questions above will get you thinking about your levels of consumption, smoking habits, and quantities that you purchase. Make sure your check out our product page to see the exact capacity for each model, click here for Twisty Glass Mini and here for Twisty Glass Blunt.

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