San Francisco's Pride 2020 Celebration Officially Canceled.

As one of Pride SF's regular booth vendors, 7Pipe is saddened to have been notified that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebration has been canceled this year.  This decision must have been excruciating to make, since the event has been ongoing for more than fifty years, and many people fly in from around the world to celebrate this iconic event.

Since a vaccine for Coronavirus will in all likelihood not be ready by the date of the event in June, a huge crowd of people is of course extremely risky for further transmission of the virus.  Public safety is concern #1.  

When the event is back on its feet, we will be there with our application in hand to support this event once again.  Its' organization muscle as well as its collection of major sponsors guarantees that this iconic celebration will be back as soon as possible.  7Pipe will see you then!  For more updates on 7pipe events, both digital and physical, check back at this blog or our website.  

sf pride 2020 cancelled



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