2021 Cannafest in Prague impressions and travelogue 7Pipe

by Jeffrey Han on Dec 19, 2023

7Pipe attended Cannafest in Prague in November 2022 during the tail end of the global Covid pandemic.

Flying, we had to show our Covid records, but the airlines didn’t verify your form using any database.  I feel like they had to go through the motions but were not going to be rigorous about the checks.

Our Airbnb was on the top floor of a building so we could see a nice view. Funny thing was that the phone area code was 420. Haha a funny coincidence.

Prague Cannafest 2022 team 7pipe

Our ragtag group included myself, Shoe, a 6 foot Asian behemoth with a knack for sales and numbers, Tim, a low key stoner with a tattoo showing the number of countries he’s been high in, and Nathan, an old school stoner who used to be a camera mechanic.

The show was small, as many companies were still not traveling, but I was impressed that the organizers put on a dinner for the exhibitors on the last day. What a concept! American shows take note!

 The mix of exhibitors was the decidedly more European. The original seed company Dutch Passion was there; their 300 kroner deal (around $15 dollars) was a common price point. The crowd was local, and the rules were funny because we, the exhibitors, could burn, vape, and get high to our hearts content, but when we shared a joint with a local who was visiting our booth, a security guy rushed in and took the joint away from him. Go figure.

Cannafest 2022 7Pipe
Our suitcase booth was just a couple of banners, table cloths, and two rented tables. What was refreshing about this show in Prague was that it was a family affair, with kids, spouses, and babies all enjoying the show together. That really doesn’t happen in the US. 

We met exhibitors, lots of CBD companies because that’s what’s legal, CBD health lotions, CBD flower, etc. We also met a Chinese couple who immigrated to Prague but don’t speak the language. They treated us to a dinner and we traded war stories in Mandarin. 

The Ubers were really cheap, the meals at restaurants were incredibly awesome, and the winter weather was chilly, although I never used all the gloves, scarves, and sweaters I brought. 
Suka pipe Cannafest 2021 Prague 7pipe
I found out that the 2 Kroner coin also fits as a makeshift cap for the Suka Pipe, which is designed so that if you lose the cap, you just replace it with a nickel. 

Overall, I would definitely attend this show again. Well organized, well attended, Prague the city is very cool, and the people were very nice.

Next show there we will have our $15 deal ready, visit more surrounding smoke shops and distributors, meet more exhibitors, and maybe bring the family for a post show jaunt around Eastern Europe. Thank you Cannafest!

Jeffrey Han


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