Too high? Here is what to do.

by Justin Narayan on Jul 15, 2019

Too high? Here is what to do.

Weed can be a lot of fun and very beneficial, however only in the right doses. Even the most experienced smokers have gone through something called “greening out” meaning you have smoked too much weed. If you take anything away from this article, please know that your going to be okay and everything is going to be just fine. No one in the entire history of ever as died from overdose on weed. What is happening is not really that bad, the most reported side effect of THC is anxiety. Between twenty and thirty percent of cannabis users report feelings of anxiety, panic and paranoia after smoking or consuming edibles. If you find yourself in this boat, here are a few tips to help you ride out your not so pleasant high. 

Stay Calm 

The last thing you want to do is freak yourself out even more. Find a quiet place to relax and evaluate your situation. It is best to avoid big crowds or being in an active environment, since that may make you stress out even more. Most people tend to feel the most anxious right before the peak of their high, finding themselves overwhelmed and unsure of how high they will become. No matter how high you are, the effects of THC will typically subside in twenty four hours. Just remember the condition that your in is not permanent. You will eventually start to sober up and feel back to normal. 

Find a Friend

It is common to feel more anxious when your stoned and alone. Make sure your significant other is there or find someone to hangout with, even if it is your furry friend. Surrounding yourself with positive people, is the best way to make yourself feel instantly better. When your finally able to get out of your own head and laugh it off with some buddies you will find yourself calming down. 


You can also try some relaxing activities. T.V shows and movies can be the best distractions. Comedies or cartoons tend to be the best remedies for the over stoned. Some high favorites include Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Step Brothers, Arrested Development, and Tommy Boy. Video games can also be incredibly helpful and make the time fly. Some recommended are Elder Scrolls, Mario Kart, Pokemon, and Everything. If becoming a couch potato is not your thing try doing something more active. Going for a walk will help you get your mind off things and let you get some fresh air. However, make sure you do not get lost! Stay close to your surroundings and tell someone that you trust where you are going. 

Black Peppercorns

One way to relieve your high is to eat or smell some black peppercorns. Black pepper has a phytocannabinoid-terpenoid effect, which is known for its ability to counteract anxiety. It is recommended to chew on a few black peppercorns or smell it long enough to sneeze. This trick was used often by Neil Young. 


Arguably one of the most enjoyable things to do when you are high is to snack! If you have become to high on an edible eating can help your liver and kidneys process that THC in your system faster. Good news grab a sugary snack! Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates lowers the qualities of THC and its effects. Snacking can not only help your mood but help decrease your high. 


One proven way to combat anxiety caused by THC is to use CBD. Make sure that you are using products that are solely CBD, such as CBD oils or vape pens. Do not smoke more weed, this will have CBD but it will also contain THC, which is how you wound up here in the first place. CBD products can be found in many dispensaries in the states where cannabis is legal.

Sleep it Off 

When you are able to calm down enough and your in a safe place, sleep it off! Do your best to relax. Take some deep breaths. Turn off the lights and clear your mind. You can play some music or just cuddle up to a loved one. Ride that intense high to sleep!

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