Premium Glass Bowl

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  • Glass Weed Pipe - Best Glass Smoking Pipe
  • Glass Cannabis Pipe - All In One Weed Pipe - 7pipe

Experience purity from within. Other companies use metal because it’s easy; easy to design and easy to manufacture. As we all know they taste horrible and there is no way to clean them easily. We wanted to do it right and that meant finding a way to get a glass bowl inside of a portable lighter pipe. Since the bowl is nearly impossible to make free-hand, we had to design a series of molds.

We were able to combine the bowl, screen, stem, and carburetor into a single piece of glass that fits inside each 7pipe Pro perfectly. It’s a feature that was and still is unmatched in our industry. Each 7pipe glass bowl is made from the highest quality glass to provide the cleanest hit every time you smoke.

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