The Flying Saucer-shaped UFO pipe from the inventors of the Twisty

Our 5th pipe design since 2007.



suka pipe ufo

check out the Suka pipe user guide:

See illustrations below for clarification on how the trackball auto-loading function works.  

how to load suka pipe - how to load suka - how to load 7pipe


suka pipe UFO 7pipe

We only use premium materials at 7Pipe 

suka pipe - suka - suka pipe 7pipe - 7pipe suka
suka pipe 7pipe ufo

If you lose the cap, replace it with a US or Canadian nickel.

süka pipe uf 7pipe smoking cannabis

How To Easily Clean Your Suka Pipe

how to clean suka pipe - how to clean suka - how to clean 7pipe


 süka pipe 7pipe smoking ufo cannabis

The packaging box is also your cleaning container.

Suka Pipe Accessories

7Pipe is offering a special two year warranty for our new design, the Suka Pipe.