The UFO pipe from the inventors of the Twisty

SÜKA is our 5th design since 2007    


suka pipe ufo

This video shows the unique loading function using the trackball. Reloads in less than a second.  

See illustration below for clarification on how this amazing function works.  

how to load suka pipe - how to load suka - how to load 7pipe


suka pipe UFO 7pipe

We only use premium materials at 7Pipe 

suka pipe - suka - suka pipe 7pipe - 7pipe suka
suka pipe 7pipe ufo

You will lose the cap.  Don't worry. Replace cap with a nickel. Suka is designed to be loss-proof. 

süka pipe uf 7pipe smoking cannabis

How To Easily Clean Your Süka Pipe

how to clean suka pipe - how to clean suka - how to clean 7pipe


 süka pipe 7pipe smoking ufo cannabis

Süka Container

Upcoming Süka Pipe Accessories

Check out this review of the Suka Pipe from CannaMink (18+ only on this video)