How to load your Twisty Glass Blunt

Written by Jeffrey Han - May 16 2017


September 21 2019

I have two. A small one for me, and a bigger one to share with others LOL

July 15 2019

tres beau !!! pkg’g, the visual, 360 degree independence & I’m preparing for the 1st use …
google ‘how to’ click on you & I’m uplifted with the clarity of the info & so enjoyed the read !!!

Yabdiel Marrero
June 15 2019

Its A cool Product and very efective, i filled it up with one gram of bud and its not 100% load but it still work and like i said its very effective at first hit. Will recomend to anyone who hates rolling dutches or paper.

Mr. McSauce
June 02 2019

Similarly to turning counterclockwise, turning clockwise will move out the ash. Any content you wish to smoke is pushed up to easily be lit and inhaled from the other side. Yes it can be used with less product but the contraption works best with more. Expect to try to use 0.4 – 0.9 grams of raw leaf for best results but could certainly try with less, IMO. A typical amount one would use with cigarette paper, YMMV.

April 01 2019

I just got mine and followed the instructions to the letter. 1/2 full and worked fantastic, my new favorite toy!

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