How to load your Twisty Glass Blunt

The surprising thing about my invention, the Twisty Glass Blunt, is that the obvious way to load the Twisty is the wrong way.  Or the inefficient way, anyways.  The immediate thought is to reverse the twisting direction and suck up the herbs against gravity.  Don't get me wrong, this method works.  The problem is that it is laborious.  The space for the cherry doesn’t make things any easier, as you’re then required to have a constant mound of herbs to reach the screw. 

This upward twisting action is the method I used to load my first few tubes of ground up Sativa bud.  As I played with my 3D-printed Twisty prototypes though, I became impatient and wanted a faster way to load.  The exact time and date of the Aha! moment has been lost to the cobwebs of my memory, but when it happened, it was a huge step forward for future Twisty lovers everywhere.  I will spare you the details, because you can see our detailed loading instructions , but suffice it to say that ‘pulling out’ is involved. 



  • Infitaethinia

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  • Tom

    Works great only problem is the glass breaks easy

  • Greg

    Selling this product should be a crime !!! Worst thing I’ve ever bought it does not work as advertised

  • Viviana

    My bf loaded it wrong. Now I can’t take it apart. I’ve tried the alcohol and kosher salt, sea salt and running hot water over it. But it just won’t budge. Please help.

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